Electric Dreams Salary Sacrifice

Electric Dreams is a bit like the Cycle to Work scheme, but for electric cars.


Your team can save up to 40% on driving electric.* It's free for employers to set up.


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You're an employee

Save up to 40% on a brand new electric car with maintenance, tyres and more, including optional insurance.** Plus some free charging!***

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What is Electric Dreams?

It’s the salary sacrifice scheme that saves your team up to 40% on the cost of driving a brand-new electric car with maintenance, tyres, optional insurance and more. 

We'll install a free home charge point and kick in 8,000 miles free home charge, or 5,000 miles public charge on the Electric Juice Network + £50 home credit, when you switch to the 100% renewable tariff from Octopus Energy.

All from a company rated 5 stars for customer service. Plus it’s open to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Costs nothing to set up and is super-easy to run.

How does it work?

Electric Dreams is a bit like the Cycle to Work scheme, but for electric cars. It’s a way to boost employees' overall packages without increasing salaries. And with savings of up to 40% on driving a brand-new electric car, it’s a great way to keep your team happy.

Electric Dreams lets you drive a brand-new electric car using your gross salary - making savings on income tax and national insurance. As a benefit, there’s company car tax to pay, but rates for electric cars are extremely low until 2025. ****

One monthly payment gets you into a brand-new electric car with maintenance and more included (insurance optional). We’ll kick in a free charger and electricity at home, or some free miles on-the-go so you can charge at thousands of locations across the country and beyond!

We made Electric Dreams for companies of all shapes and sizes. It costs zero to set up and is easy to manage. With a dedicated support team on hand, you can be confident that things will run smoothly.

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What our customers say

Being able to offer something that promotes cleaner transport has been a real benefit to helping our team live our mission of a more sustainable world – they are amazed at what a brilliant deal this is.

James McMaster, CEO at Huel

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*Savings achieved through a combination of reduced income tax and national insurance. 

**Subject to availability and eligibility. T&Cs apply.  Insurance optional. Benefits included within the scheme are Servicing, maintenance and repairs (including tyres), AA breakdown cover, protection for life changes and £500 end of contract damage waiver.

*** Received in the form of credit to your Octopus Energy account when you switch to the Octopus Go tariff on delivery of your car. Please note that this is calculated based on charging your car during the off-peak window (at 5p kWh this is £100 of credit). Available on PCH, BCH and selected Salary Sacrifice deals. Octopus Electric Vehicles reserves the right to stop this promotion at any time. The calculation for the 8,000 free miles; on average it takes 1 kWh of energy to travel 4 miles. 8000 miles is therefore 2000 kWh of energy. On Octopus Go it's 5p per kWh during off peak charge time, hence it's £100 to use 2000 kWh of energy. Valid for cars ordered in 2021. Smart charger of our choice, including a standard installation - - and assumes £350 Government Grant. 
£25 per fuel (gas & electricity). 5000 miles of public charging is based on an avg. daily mileage of 20 miles, 250 working days a year and an avg. cost of electricity of 30p kWh & a 4p/mile efficiency = £375 ex VAT received in the form of credit on your Electric Juice Network account. Valid for cars ordered in 2021.

****Benefit in kind (BiK) is the percentage charge applied to calculate an employee’s company car tax. It’s directly linked with a vehicle's CO2 emissions. BiK for electric vehicles is 1% for 2021/22, rising to 2% until 2025. Petrol and diesel cars are taxed at higher BiK rates - up to 37%.