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Octopus Electric Vehicles provide the complete electric vehicle solution. Whether you're looking for great lease rates on the latest electric car, or you need to find the best home charging solution or you're looking for an energy tariff that helps EV drivers save money, we've got everything you need to make the most of the best green cars around.

What we do

Our experts bring electric cars to places near you through our electric vehicle events, so you can experience EVs for yourself and get an idea of what it's like to have an electric car. We find the most EV-friendly funders to give you unbeatable rates on electric car leases.


We've worked with our sister company Octopus Energy to design special energy tariffs for EV drivers, by unlocking super cheap electricity rates in the middle of the night, so you can keep costs down while your car keeps topped up, every night. We install smart charging solutions at home and workplaces, as well as popular customer destinations. We provide advice and solutions on how to set up salary sacrifice schemes at your workplace, so you can unlock the generous benefit in kind (BiK) rates available to electric cars. We clue you into all the latest news on all the government grants.

And for as long as you are a customer, we will help you on your journey, from working out cable types to planning routes with optimised charging options. 


Why we do it

The UK must tackle transport emissions to avoid more huge climate change impacts

Transport contributes one-third of all carbon emissions in the UK. Since 1990, these numbers have barely reduced at all. In fact, they've only reduced by 3%. (As a comparison, the energy sector has reduced emissions by 59%). If we're to have any chance whatsoever of hitting the legally binding target of Net Zero by 2050, and therefore avoiding potentially catastrophic impact on our planet, we simply must tackle our transport emissions.


Air pollution is killing 100 people in the UK every day.

Most of our transport emissions are on the roads where we live. These emissions contribute to an estimated 40,000 deaths every year*.  If our water supply was killing 40,000 people every year there would be a national outrage. So why isn’t there a national outcry about our transport sector? 

But there is a solution... 

Until now, there have been few alternatives, and fossil-fuelled transportation has been seen as essential for us to carry out our everyday lives. 

However, forward-thinking car manufacturers like Nissan, BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, VW and, of course, Tesla are leading the transformation of the automotive sector in the same way that Apple has transformed our mobile phones, by giving us seriously good electric cars. 

The cars that are being launched now aren’t just good – they are great. These models are fast, fun and full of superb tech. And they look stylish, too...

We love electric cars. We love what they do for this planet, and what they do on the road. And we're on a mission help you love them too.


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