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Salary Sacrifice

We can set up a salary sacrifice scheme in your business, to help your employees save on average between 30-40% on their electric car lease through their salary.

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Employer benefits

Salary sacrifice with Octopus Electric Vehicles is an all-inclusive, low admin scheme that offers your employees and your business the benefits of 100% electric vehicles.
We include insurance* and accident management, servicing, maintenance and repair, road-side assistance and recovery - as well as risk mitigations for early termination and end of contract damages. In addition, Octopus Electric vehicles provides a full wrap around experience at all stages with unbiased vehicle advice, as well as workplace, home charging and tariff bundles, ensuring no driver or company is left behind in this electric revolution.

Cost neutral for your company

Admin light with a dedicated account manager

Helping towards sustainability targets


Minimised risk - for early terminations and end of contract damages 

Amazing perks / employee engagement 


Charging for your office and homes

* extra age restrictions apply for some models, for more details see here.

Employee benefits

Joining the electric revolution has never been easier and cheaper, with salary sacrifice from Octopus Electric Vehicles. Get the latest, best and most advanced cars, while doing your bit for the country's clean energy transition.
Salary sacrifice includes all your driving costs: insurance*, servicing, maintenance, repairs, road-side assistance & recovery. You just need to add electricity! As for charging and tariffs - we have you covered there too, alongside impartial advice to ensure you get just the right vehicle for you and your lifestyle.

An average of 30-40% savings, but could be up to 60%

No upfront costs or credit check

Amazing cars, 100% electric


An all inclusive car and driving package

Extra low company car tax (also known as Benefit in Kind) at 1% for 21/22 and 2% for 22/25

* extra age restrictions apply for some models, for more details see here.

We pull everything together

Smart charging
(for your EV)

Renewable energy tariffs

(for EV drivers)



(for every step)




A collection of our cars

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