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It's easy to go electric, with our hand-picked charging solutions. Charging your car at home is easy and affordable with great prices on smart chargers and energy tariffs designed with the electric car driver in mind.

Don't have off-street parking? With over 28,000 plug points all across the UK, charging on the go is easy. We'll help you understand where your nearest chargers are, what network would be best for you and  what to look out for.

Workplace charging is a great way to encourage sustainable transport with your staff and customers. Along with our Go Green Car Scheme, this is a great way to transition to electric.


Charge smarter and cheaper at home

Although you can plug a car into a standard household 3-pin plug, getting a home charger will provide you with quicker, cheaper and safer charging.

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EO Mini Smart Home

Cover all your smart charging needs, from solar balancing to synchronising with an off-peak energy tariff such as Octopus Go. We've teamed up with EO to bring you the EO Mini Smart Home bundle.

The smallest 7kW home charger in the UK market.

OLEV Approved: Eligible for a £350 government grant.

Find out more.

Program your charger to only use your solar power.

Sync your charger with Octopus Go to effortlessly make the most of cheaper, overnight charging.

Best paired with:

Octopusgo Tariff

The tariff designed specifically for EVs

Ohme smart charge cable

The smart cable that saves you money. Once set up it charges at the greenest or cheapest times, without you needing to do a thing. This cable is perfect with our Octopus Energy tariffs: OctopusAgile

Control your charge preferences from an application.

Qualifies for OLEV grant.

Monitor your consumption and cost savings.

Plug into existing chargepoints or even a 3-pin socket.

Best paired with:


The half-hourly tariff with Plunge Pricing

Charging away from home

You might want to charge your car away from home. A great independent resource for EV owners is ZapMap , which shows chargepoints near you.

Here's everything you need to know about chargepoint types and speeds:

Slow - 3kW

You can charge your EV using a standard three-pin plug and socket. The speed is only 3kW, but it’s useful for emergencies. You can also find some of these chargers out and about, i.e. at Waitrose, and some other destination chargers will be 3kW.

Fast - 7kW

"Fast" chargers come in two ratings; 7kW and 22kW (and therefore two charging speeds). The majority of fast chargers are 7kW rated. Fast chargers are typically found in places where you’ll park up for a while, like cinemas, hotels and shopping centres – these are known as ‘destination chargers’. You can also have a 7hW fast charger installed at home.

A 7kw charger will take around 6 hours to fully charge a 40kWh Nissan LEAF and around 7 hours to charge a Tesla Model 3.

Fast - 22kW

22 kW chargers are becoming increasingly popular. Charging speed of an EV is governed by the in-car charger, which limits the amount of power that can be drawn from the chargepoint. This means that, although it can be plugged in and used, it may not be used to its full capacity. A 22kW charger can be installed at home if you've got a three-phase supply,

22 kW chargers will take around 2 hours to charge a 40kWh Nissan LEAF and around 3 hours to fully charge a Tesla Model 3.

Rapid - 50kW

These are for when you want a quick top-up of energy, such as on a motorway. A large amount of 'rapids' are on the exclusive-to-Tesla Tesla network, but many are open to all cars.

A rapid charger can give a 40kWh Nissan LEAF an 50% charge (that's around 100 miles) in just 25 minutes.


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