Electric Dreams Salary Sacrifice

It’s like Cycle to Work, but for electric cars.

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For employers

There’s a new way to drive an electric car - it’s called Electric Dreams.

It’s a bit like Cycle to Work - but for electric cars.

Your employees could save up to 40%* on their monthly car costs while driving a brand new zero-emission car - and without costing you a penny to set up*.

Your Electric Dreams lease has everything included to make it low-hassle - maintenance, repairs and tyres; breakdown recovery; road tax and MOT; insurance if you'd like it; and even a £500 end of contract damage waiver to minimise admin and disappointment if there's a small amount of damage when the car is returned.

As your employee may be getting their first electric car, we also include a smart home chargepoint, installed by our sister company Octopus Energy Services, and enough free electricity for an average UK driver to travel for free for a year if they are with Which? recommended supplier, Octopus Energy. 

Even if your employee doesn't have a driveway, we have them covered with access to the Electric Juice Network. 

You give your employee use of the car in return for a sacrifice from their gross salary - before income tax and national insurance. There is some company car tax to pay (Benefit in Kind) but the government has set it to 1-2% for electric cars until 2025.

As a company, you also make savings on national insurance. Some of our clients have chosen to put it aside for a rainy day, install charge points at the office, or put it back into the scheme to make it even more attractive for employees to make the switch to electric.

Best of all, Electric Dreams is open to companies of all shapes and sizes**.

That’s good for business, good for your team and good for the planet too!
What employers get: 
  • Offer a highly valuable benefit for employees

  • Improve recruitment and retention

  • Meet sustainability targets 

  • Improve air pollution in your communities

  • Lower national insurance costs 

  • Scheme designed to be cost-neutral and low effort to set up and run, with generous terms for leavers and life events

  • Our team on hand at every step - from set up to launch, running payroll to EV discovery days

*Based on income tax and national insurance savings. 
**Subject to credit.


For employees

Save 30-40% on your monthly car costs for a brand new electric car.

You get the use of a brand new car in return for some of your gross salary - before income tax and national insurance.

As the car is a benefit, you do pay some company car tax. However, the government has set the company car tax for electric cars to just 1% for this year (compared to >30% for many petrol and diesel cars). In fact, it increases to just 2% for electric cars until 2025.

With Salary Sacrifice everything is pulled together in one neat all-inclusive package. That’s right.
One fixed monthly payment gets you into a brand-new electric vehicle with servicing
and maintenance, tyres, breakdown recovery, road tax and MOT** all included.
Your employer may even include insurance as standard.

We specialise in electric. We have impartial experts on hand to help your employees discover the cars, new energy tariffs, and how to fill up with your new "fuel".

We also give you a brand new charge point at home and 8,000 free miles of electricity. Or if you can’t charge at home, you can have free miles on Octopus’s Electric Juice Network instead***.

What employees get: 
  • Use of a brand new electric car 

  • Maintenance, repairs and tyres

  • Road tax and MOT

  • UK breakdown recovery 

  • £500 end of contract damage waiver 

  • No up front rentals

  • Insurance (if selected by your employer)

  • Access to our EV experts at every step of your electric journey

  • A free smart home chargepoint,
    installed by Octopus Energy Services

  • 8,000 free miles of electricity
    on Octopus Energy's EV tariff***


  • 5,000 free miles on Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network***

*if selected by the business
**Based on income tax and National Insurance savings. 
**Subject to eligibility and availability. Terms and Conditions apply.
*** Free charger available on orders placed by 30th September 2021. Energy received in the form of credit to your Octopus Energy account when you switch to the Octopus Go tariff on delivery of your car. 5000 miles of public charging is based on an avg. daily mileage of 20 miles, 250 working days a year and an avg. cost of electricity of 30p kWh & a 4p/mile efficiency = £375 ex VAT of public charging credit

We pull everything together




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