Honda e


The Honda e is rooted in the company's Kei car history (a special kind car for Tokyo). It is an expression of Honda's intent to move into the future and build solution based cars again. This will be a cult hit, it speaks of Japanese car culture and problem solving.

Honda e

  • 16" alloy wheels

  • Side camera mirror system

  • Sky roof

  • Auto LED headlights

  • Honda CONNECT

  • 12.3" dual touchscreen

Honda e Advance

  • Centre Camera

  • Mirror System

  • Honda Parking Pilot

  • 230 V outlet

  • Power Output: 154 PS

8 year waranty

or 100,000 miles

Charging time: Fast (7kW) = 24 miles (range) per hour of charging

Rapid (50kW) = 130 miles (range) per hour of charging


With a tighter turning circle than a London Taxi (by almost two) Honda E is a car built perfectly for the city, punchy acceleration and a "lounge" on wheels.Packed full of technology like the , hydrophobic intelligent cameras instead of wing mirrors.






Savings: Honda e vs Honda Jazz

Honda e




Honda Jazz

(Petrol Hybrid)


Honda e





Honda Jazz





Savings per month 

Savings over a 4 year period



*based on year one benefit in kind rates at a 40% income tax bracket and income of £55,000

**based on 10,000 annual miles using Octopus Go to charge, fuel prices as of 23rd March 2020

Company Car Tax*

Fuel based on 10,000 annual miles**

Vehicle Excise Duty


Driving experience

It is super responsive and will make its way through the tight and twisty city streets. It is really nimble and able to squeeze into space you normally wouldn't take a second look at. The super tight turning circle will leave you giggling. This is a city car through and through.


0-62 MPH*



cold city weather*

Honda e

9.0 secs

137 miles

105 miles

Honda e Advance

8.3 secs

137 miles

105 miles

*Data obtained from

**Data obtained from manufacturer's website


"The most hyped electric car that isn't a Tesla" Johnny Smith Carpervert "I like Honda when they are at their quirkiest"

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