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Because driving shouldn't cost the earth.

Save your people up to 40% on the cost of driving electric with our salary sacrifice scheme.


We make it easier.

Everything you need in one place - experts on the cars, smart chargers and 100% green energy.

Rated 5 stars for customer service.

We do things differently. Investing in people and top tech to deliver an outstanding service.

Driving net zero

We only do zero emissions - always innovating to do it smarter.
Like Powerloop - our globally leading project using car batteries to power the grid.

Easy for drivers

  • Choose a brand new electric car from >35 models
  • Brands like Tesla, Polestar, VW, Nissan, Mercedes + more
  • Most go over 200 miles on one charge - where we average just 22 miles a day
  • Discover online or speak to our experts to find the perfect EV for you
  • Save up to 90% on fuel costs with smart charging at home
  • 100% green energy tariffs with cheap off-peak rates 
  • Smart chargers installed by our Octopus team that charge when it's cheap
  • Every Octopus driver qualifies for 5,000 miles of free power
  • With nearly twice as many places you can charge your EV than fill up with petrol - discover them near you...
  • Octopus's Electric Juice gives you access to 100,000 chargers across Europe - one card. one bill
  • Can't charge at home? We'll get you a card and some free miles to get started**

Easy for business

  • Salary Sacrifice, reimagined - meet Electric Dreams
  • Your team can save up to 40% on the cost of driving electric***
  • Simple and easy to set up and run
  • Low risk through generous terms
  • Charging and energy for your team
  • From cars to vans, low monthly rentals
  • Our experts are on hand to find the right vehicles for you
  • Smart charging options at home, work, depot or on the go
  • Tools to help manage fleet costs as drivers start to charge at home 

Helpful content and innovation

Articles, expert advice and useful tools to help guide you through all things EV.

And because life is too short, there's some fun stuff to entertain too!
Want to know more about cars, charging or salary sacrifice?

Join our experts to chat all things EV.

We'll also be bringing EVs to a place near you soon too
We don't always know when the wind will blow.

With Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology, we can now store energy in car batteries to help balance the grid - accelerating our move to a fully renewable energy system

Don't just take our word for it...

A real benefit to helping our team live our mission of a more sustainable world - they are amazed at what a brilliant deal this is.
James McMaster, CEO at Huel
Octopus EV's salary sacrifice scheme makes driving electric easy and affordable, helping our staff lead more sustainable lifestyles.
Helena Marson, Chief People Officer at Purplebricks

As featured by

"The tax break that are making electric cars cheaper than petrol"
Electric Dreams "provides everything businesses and employees need to go electric in one place"
"Powerloop: The Future of Energy with Octopus Electric Vehicles"

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* Received in the form of credit to your Octopus Energy account on delivery of your car. Please note that this is calculated based on charging your car during the off-peak window of the OctopusGo tariff, based on the rate the day your car is ordered unless otherwise stated. It assumes an efficiency of 250kWh for every 1,000 miles, as it typically takes 1kWh to go 4miles. This promotion is subject to eligibility and available with Octopus Electric Dreams business contract hire only, Octopus Electric Vehicles reserves the right to stop this promotion at any time.

**5000 miles of public charging is based on an avg. daily mileage of 20 miles, 250 working days a year and an avg. cost of electricity of 30p kWh & a 4p/mile efficiency = £375 ex VAT of public charging credit. Octopus Electric Vehicles reserves the right to stop this promotion at any time.

***Based on savings made from National Insurance and income tax.