Public charging for electric cars

Whether you are on the road, or unable to home charger- here is what you might need to know about the UK public charging network.

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Electric Juice Network

Octopus Energy has paired with charging providers to create the Electric Juice Network, allowing you to use one card to access multiple networks and be billed monthly by Octopus Energy.
Charging an electric car on the road can mean having to sign up to a bunch of different charging networks, using different apps, and using different payment cards. Electric Juice will give the driver one app and one card to pay for charging on all of our partner networks in the future - and all of their usages goes on their Octopus Energy bill

Why we do it?

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Our Partners 

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On the road, you will encounter a range of chargers from Rapid 50kW chargers to 7kW chargers like you would see at home. To learn more about chargepoint types and speeds click here. 


A great independent resource to check where public charging is available is ZapMap, you can plan routes, see what speed the chargers are and whether they are currently in use through the app or website. When planning a journey it is essential to check how much energy you might need, and how much time it will take.


There are a range of chargepoint operators in the market, which can often cause confusion, we have put together the below information to help understand which network(s) operate in the UK and how to sign up to them via the links. 

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