Charging your car out and about

Whether you are on the road, or unable to charge at home - here is what you need to know about the UK public charging network

The Electric Juice Network

We're busy creating a super-slick, super-easy charging experience with the Electric Juice Network: one solution, thousands of chargers across different networks, one bill. And if you're an Octopus Energy home electricity customer, your bills can automatically be linked for the ultimate simplicity. 

Charging an electric car on the road can mean having to sign up to a bunch of different charging networks, using different apps, and using different payment cards. In simple terms, it can be a hassle. We’re all about simplicity and improving customer’s experiences, so we’ve built the Electric Juice Network. New partners join us all the time, click here to find out which networks have already joined.

Why are we doing this?

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Want to know more?

The different networks

There are a number of different networks in the UK so we have pulled together the below list to help you understand which network(s) operate in the UK and where to sign up to them. This is not an exhaustive list, but covers the largest ones. 


Before you sign up to them all (and fill your wallet with cards and your phone with apps), it’s worth figuring out a few of things:


  1. How often you need to charge away from home

  2. Where you car spends most the time

  3. Which networks are most prevalent in your area, and the costs of charging at those

  4. Sign up to the The Electric Juice Network to help you on your way where possible!


The best way of finding out which networks are local to you and the cost to charge is by checking out Zap Map. Their App is also a great resource for journey planning when you’re doing those longer trips. 


It’s worth noting that not all apps need to be downloaded, there are many web apps, and that all rapid chargers are now mandated by the government to offer a contactless card service (older units are being retrofitted, and new ones come with that as standard). This may be in addition to any other access methods the operator may select such as app or subscription cards. 

The Electric Highway

A nationwide, contactless rapid charging, motorway service network operated by Gridserve


A contactless card only, rapid charging network


 A contactless card only, rapid charging network

Shell Recharge

A mainly rapid charging network, App or subscription card enabled

Tesla Supercharger

A dedicated Tesla rapid charging network, just plug in and charge


 A rapid charging network, card and App enabled


A contactless card and App, high powered rapid charging network

BP Pulse

The largest nationwide network in the UK, with a mix of fast and rapid chargers, with a subscription card or App option

Charge your Car

A card and App enabled nationwide network with a mix of fast and rapid chargers, owned by BP Pulse

Pod Point

A Pay-as-you-Go, App only nationwide network with a mix of fast and rapid chargers


A large lamp post fast charging network, mainly in London, QR code and App enabled, PAYG and subscription

Chargeplace Scotland

A Scotland based card and App enabled network with a mix of fast and rapid chargers

Source London

A large London based network of fast chargers, PAYG or subscription enabled, App or card


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