Introducing the Octopus Vehicle-to-Grid bundle

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) unlocks the potential stored in your electric car, helping us shape the energy grid of the future.

This is your chance to be at the cutting edge of the electric car revolution. Help prove the value of large-scale domestic V2G charging from just £225 per month*. 

 Save up to £1,080 on your lease, earning cashback while you charge.

Simply plug in overnight and you could earn £30 cashback every month.

The Powerloop V2G Leasing Bundle

A complete V2G solution from just £225 per month*

A new Nissan LEAF 40kWh

100% renewable electricity from Octopus Energy


A free Wallbox   charger

A free smart meter

An app to control your
charging schedule

£30 cashback every month**

What is V2G and why is it important?

V2G is when your car releases energy through your home into the grid. When this happens your home is being powered entirely by your car.

Energy demand fluctuates throughout the day. There's a huge spike in usage between 4pm - 7pm when everyone gets home and has dinner on. Between 1am - 6am there's hardly any demand on the grid.

To meet peak demand we're currently reliant on fast-response fossil fuels. The peak spike will only get worse as we add more electric cars on the road.

If the system stays as it is then network operators may have to spend up to £17bn on grid reinforcement. This would mean higher costs for energy suppliers, and ultimately higher prices for you: the customer.

But what if we could react to this spike with renewable energy instead? What if we could provide all the power we need and more?

What if electric cars weren't the problem, but the solution?

Restore balance to the grid

There's a huge amount of energy locked up in electric cars.

Just ten Nissan LEAFs could power 1000 homes for an hour.

Our V2G system optimises the use of your car's battery; powering your home - and your neighbours homes - when electricity demand is high, then charging back up at times when demand is low.

A more flexible grid also means a more renewable grid. The sun isn't always shining, and the wind isn't always blowing. V2G gives us the ability to store and release renewable energy whenever we need it.

Just plug in and we'll do the rest.

How Powerloop works

Plug in before 6pm, and stay plugged in until at least 5am the next day to complete the cycle.

Use the Powerloop app​ to tell us when you next need your car. We'll schedule your sessions around you.

Complete 12 cycles within a month to get £30 cashback on your Octopus Energy account.​

Can you take part?

For now Powerloop is only available in areas where the local electricity grid is managed by UK Power Networks.

The pink area in the map below shows ​their working area.

If you're not sure, use the UKPN postcode checker to see who manages your local grid by clicking here.

You need to own your home and have a driveway or off-street parking for us to install the Wallbox unit.

You'll need to lease a Nissan LEAF from Octopus Electric Vehicles. The Nissan LEAF is currently the only fully-electric car with a V2G compatible battery, meaning it can export as well as import.


You'll need to have an Octopus Energy accountWe need to measure how much electricity you use, and how much you export back to the grid. If you're not already an Octopus customer, we'll get you signed up with 100% renewable electricity.

You'll need to have a smart meter (we'll install this free of charge if you don't have one we can communicate with already).

Wallbox is the smallest, lightest (and prettiest) residential V2G charger available in the UK. It can charge your car when demand is low and export to the grid when demand is high.

It’s the next step in making the grid smarter, plus it makes leasing your new Nissan LEAF even cheaper.

The first Wallbox chargers in the UK will be going straight to the homes of our Powerloop customers.


About Wallbox

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* Price includes monthly cashback amount.

** £30 cashback ​based on 12 complete cycles per month.

Prices are subject to change and availability, and are based on 2 year contract and an initial payment of £2,276.46. Contract Hire terms and eligibility are subject to circumstances.

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