Green Business Charter

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Current circumstances have shown that a significant reduction in the use of fossil fuel vehicles has an impact on air quality, as well as a positive impact on our wider environment- UK air pollution is currently at its lowest level since records began in 2000. We are a huge advocate of this, and want to help every business and individual go further in making better air quality a long-term reality.

As CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles, I realise I am in a unique position to help influence and encourage people to think more about the environment, and their impact on it, and help encourage behaviour change as we move towards a new future. My team and I have worked together to create the Octopus Electric Vehicles Green Business Charter, which encourages businesses to rethink their green credentials, and take active steps towards reducing their carbon footprint. We invite business leaders across the UK to join us in making a pledge to implement any number of the following changes:

  • Sign up to an electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme to offer all employees the opportunity to switch to an EV with huge savings- and at no cost to employers

  • Make a commitment that all future company cars and fleet vehicles will be electric

  • Install EV chargers at business premises with on-site parking

  • Offer remote working and staggered hours (where possible) to reduce the environmental impacts of rush hour

  • Switch business energy use to a green supplier and encourage employees to do the same with their domestic supply

  • Sign up to a cycle to work scheme

  • Pledge to carbon neutral by an ambitious but achievable date and take immediate, active steps to make this a reality

  • Adopt an employee incentive programme that encourages consideration of individual actions in the office and how this affects the environment. Bonuses or rewards could be offered for meeting certain targets such as switching off the computer each day, correct sorting of recycling and waste, or reducing paper or water usage

Why have we focused on businesses?

We know that change is vital, and we can all make a difference, but we have focused our charter on businesses with an aim of making a larger collective difference. Businesses also have the opportunity to influence their employee’s behaviour through initiatives, and become a leading example for how we should be operating moving forward.

How does my business sign up to your Green Business Charter, do we have to be of a certain size?

We want to work with businesses of all size from sole traders to larger businesses. To get involved, just drop us a note at with the subject line Green Charter.

What if my business can’t commit to all of these?

Not a problem at all, let’s work together on how we can make your business greener. These pledges are just a starting point, and each business should think holistically about the tangible changes it can make to its operations. We want to hear your pledges at with the subject ‘Green Charter’.

Why now?

If not now, then when? We have been given a unique opportunity to build back better, keep air pollution levels low and move forward with a cleaner, greener focus. We have been given the opportunity to think more holistically about how we want to influence the environment longer term, and we want to encourage our customers and businesses across the UK to do the same. We know that by making individual changes, together we can have a hugely positive impact on the world we live in.

Join me on this mission to make UK business greener and pledge your support to the Green Business Charter here

Fiona Howarth

CEO, Octopus Electric Vehicles

2nd Floor, UK House, 164-182 Oxford Street, London W1D 1NN

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