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Tesla Model 3

I pre-ordered a Tesla Model 3 and am waiting for my deposit to be refunded

You should get the refund from Tesla within 28 days. If you're still waiting, let us know and we'll help get it sorted

I've got my Tesla Model 3 but as the online Tesla account's not set up properly I can't use their Supercharger network yet

The online account should work automatically, but we've seen a few instances where the online account or the Tesla app don't set up correctly straight away. Even if your account hasn't been fully set up, you should be able to set up to use the supercharge network. - Log into your Tesla online account - Click on Account - There should be an option at the payment to set up Payments. Once this is set up you should be able to use the Supercharger network (even if your account's not working)

Electric car basics

What is an EV?

An EV is an Electric Vehicle. An Electric Vehicle is a car that uses only a battery and a motor to drive. You charge it up and the electricity is used to power the motor. Electric vehicles have been around for longer that traditional ICE cars, but with the advent of modern battery tech, we now have enough energy density in a battery for electric vehicles to become practical.

Define energy density

How good something is at storing energy, for example, airplane fuel has a really high energy density. This means it creates a lot of power for the amount of space it takes and for its weight.

What is AC/DC?

Alternating Current and Direct Current. Alternating Current, as the name suggests allows electricity to flow in both directions, Direct Current only travels in one direction. They both have different characteristics and each work better in certain situations. Also, these...

What is 'Regenerative Braking'?

Regenerative Braking (regen-braking) or, in more scientific terms, kinetic energy recovery system converts what would normally be wasted kinetic energy back into stored energy. That wasted energy would present as heat on the brake discs but there is a huge myth out there that it uses the heat of the brakes, that isn't true. Use your regen braking to slow down over the longest distance possible, look as far down the road as possible and anticipate.

What does Kwh mean?

Kwh (Kilowatt hour) The kilowatt hour is a composite unit of energy equivalent to one kilowatt (1 kW) of power sustained for one hour In an electric vehicle or a battery it is considered a unit of stored energy, normally used for electricity. The higher the number of kilowatt hours the more energy the battery can store and therefore the car can probably go further. A Kilowatt is 1000 watts.

I've heard about 'Range Anxiety'. What does it mean?

Range Anxiety is a term used to explain the feeling of worry you might have if you don’t think you can reach your destination. This is sighted a lot as the main reason why people don’t want to buy an electric car. We will show you why this is a thing of the past.

What's V2G (or Vehicle to Grid)?

Vehicle to Grid is a system that allows your car to give energy back to the national grid and power your house. It was developed by Nissan after the Fukushima disaster. They realised that after people were left without power in their houses, that in another disaster their cars could power their house. This has a vast array of applications. Details of our V2G product, Powerloop, is here https://www.octopusev.com/powerloop

How do I drive an electric car?

Just like a normal automatic ICE car, expect the car has no gears, it makes the drive incredibly smoothly. The only thing you might need to get used to is Re-Gen braking. This is as simple as releasing the throttle.

How do I charge a car?

In the morning, just like your phone, you will have a full charge. This means whenever you leave the house you have more than 100 miles in the tank.

What if I want to go on a road trip, holiday or long distance journey?

You absolutely can, our team have taken cars as far as the Middle East, the Arctic Circle and have driven EVs in America, Canada, the Alps, the Scottish Highlands, across Scandinavia and through the desert. We know a thing or two about going long distance! The easiest way of doing this is when you leave the house with a full charge then drive about 200miles. Stop at a DC charging Unit (see AC/DC in jargon busting) which allows you to charge in the time you would spend in a service station. Some vehicles and charging combinations will allow you up to charge 120miles in 20mins. These are all over the UK, and most new electric vehicles know where they are already, meaning you tell your car you are going to Edinburgh, it will make sure you get there without running out.

Are they better for the environment?

A lot is spoken about how electric cars are better for the environment. They absolutely are no matter how you look at it. Even if they are charged using electricity created from coal (which the UK is drastically cutting), an electric car can go 4 times as far for the same amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. They create no tailpipe emissions so they greatly reduce inner city air pollution. When you buy through Octopus, you have access to a completely renewable energy tariff which means you are driving without contributing to climate change either.

Do I need special insurance?

All cars need insurance and electric vehicles are no different. Most big insurance providers can cover you but you are more than welcome to ask us and we can happily get you a list of people we know can insure your vehicle.

Are maintenance costs high?

No. Electric vehicles are much easier to maintain than traditional ICE cars. They don’t need oil or filters, never again will you be having to buy a new oil and fuel filter. The only thing that needs checked are tyres and brakes. Some manufacturers even cover brakes as part of their cover because they know the wear will be vastly reduced because of Re-Gen Braking. An electric car also has many less moving parts than a traditional ICE car about 100 times.

What's a tethered or untethered charger?

A tethered charger have their own cables hardwired in Untethered chargers... don't. (So they'll need a cable to be connected each time you charge). Most cars come with one, or you end up buying one in order to also charge on the public charge point network. Neither is the 'best' type, as they all depend on your circumstances. Get in touch at charge@octopusev.com and we'll help you make the right choice

How should I drive my car in cold weather?

With EVs having near-instant torque, it’s important to be gentle when accelerating in wet/icy conditions. Try to use regenerative braking as much as possible, as this won’t lock the wheels. Also be aware that, when the road is wet, your car’s range may be slightly reduced due to increased resistance against the tyres caused by standing water. A way to help mitigate this is to increase your tyre pressure, but you should never over-inflate your tyres.


How can I drive a car?

Octopus EV arrange events all across the country, were we educate and empower people to make the decision to switch to electric vehicles. Fill in the contact form below and we will let you know when we are near you and you can drive an electric vehicle.

Who are Octopus Electric Vehicles?

Octopus EV is part of the larger Octopus Energy Group. It has been created to further Octopus' vision of sustainability and love of disruption, believing our planet needs better, our customers deserve better and our souls thrive for better. Seeing a lack in innovation and drive from the complacent well-known brands. Fiona Howarth, OEV's CEO joined forces with Octopus Energy's CEO, Greg Jackson. Together the two companies have formed an undeniable sustainable and futuristic approach to what was once one of the most backward thinking industries when it came to climate change; Transport. OEV believes that electric vehicles are not only the future, but that together with a great team, amazing knowledge and a convenient bundle - Octopus customers will enjoy a convenient and stress free transition to joining the electric revolution. We provide you with an educated and thoughtful experience ensuring you choose the right vehicle for you, tariff for you and charger for you and your greener future. Hassle-free.

Car leasing

What is leasing?

Personal car leasing is also known as PCH - personal contract hire. It can also be referred to, when a company is looking at leasing a fleet of vehicles for example, as BCH (business contract hire). This is a long term lease of a vehicle where you agree to pay a monthly fee over a set term. Once the term is over you simply hand the vehicle back.

What is Salary Sacrifice?

An employee benefit scheme, that allows you to access a fantastic range of electric vehicles, has no up front cost and offers a vast array of tax and personal benefits by the employee paying for the vehicle from the salary before tax is taken into account.

What are the benefits of leasing?

With leasing, you pay for the depreciation of the vehicle over a set term rather than paying for the entire car. This generally means lower monthly payments making this option a cost effective way to drive a brand new vehicle. There are also lower deposit values making it more affordable to switch. Once the term is over the leasing company take away the vehicle making it hassle free.

Can I buy the car at the end?

Very simply, no. With leasing you agree to a vehicle over a set time and capped at a certain mileage. Once complete you just hand the car back.

What is a PCH, PCP and HP?

A PCH is a personal contract hire, also known as a lease. You have a set length of term, a set mileage and pay a deposit of a set amount of months worth of payments. You give the car back at the end of an agreed term. This is the most cost effective way to driving a brand new vehicle. A PCP is a personal contract purchase. You have a set length of term, a set mileage and a deposit of around 10% of the vehicle's cost. You can either; give the vehicle back after the agreed term, pay off the remaining payment, or trade in the vehicle for another. If you want the option to own outright this has the most flexibility. A HP is a hire purchase. The full cost of the vehicle is split over a fixed, normally longer, term. You own the vehicle at the end of the term once all finance is paid in full. This has the highest monthly payments but full ownership and no mileage cap.

What is an EV?

EV stands for Electric Vehicle. This is a car that is powered 100% electronically via a battery which means 0 emissions. They have no engine and powered without the need for gears and so are extremely powerful. The 'fuel' is electricity and so just like a mobile phone are charged typically overnight. Octopus offer tariffs which enable the vehicle to be charged when electricity is at its cheapest.


How do I get a charger at my house?

When you purchase a car from Octopus EV we can make sure your home is set up for your new car. We will arrange for a charging unit to be installed at your house and for your energy to be switched to renewable energy and a tariff that helps you save money if you charge your car overnight.

Do I have to change my electricity provider?

Your vehicle can be charged using any electricity provider. However, we do recommend you look into changing your tariff to something more EV friendly. There are a range of specialist chargers and tarriffs that can help you charge at the cheapest/most convient times for you. We have more information on our charging page...

What is OctopusGo?

Octopus Go: offers 4hrs every night at 5p/kWh, and a typical day rate of 14-16p/kWh, with a standing charge of 25p/day. More information on Go and how you can switch is here: https://octopus.energy/go The day rate for your postcode can be found at: https://octopus.energy/go/rates

What is the Octopus Agile tariff?

Agile Octopus: the price per kWh follows the wholesale market price and therefore changes every 24 hours, so it is typically much lower than a standard tariff overnight and during the day, and peaks a little at breakfast time and a lot between 4-7pm. More information on Agile and how you can switch is here: https://octopus.energy/agile/

Does cold weather impact charging your electric car?

In the cold, battery efficiency can decrease. A good thing to do is to heat your car to temperature whilst it’s plugged in before setting off, either by using it’s app or by manually setting it. This will get the battery to working temperature, making it easier for the battery to give and receive energy. A cold battery will also reduce your range, which is something to bear in mind when planning your journeys during the colder months.

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